Embed contact information and delete email from Craigslist

Embed contact information and delete email from Craigslist

In addition to being open, there is one other thing I recommend and that is to insert your contact information as a picture on Craigslist. I’m not talking about uploading it as an image, that’s completely separate. Let me tell you why first, then I’ll explain how.

In fact, I can’t claim this as my own idea, a long time ago I read about doing it somewhere, but can’t remember where. I was getting ridiculous spam responses to my Craigslist san diego cars ads. I don’t know how or why it happens, and I don’t care. I just know it’s annoying and I wanted it to end. I have been fortunate enough to incorporate my information as an image instead of typing it into the ad itself or allowing a user to click on the email. I imagine it can be a little annoying for viewers that my ads have to manually enter my email address, perish, but as I said earlier, it removes people who don’t really want to try hard enough … and why would you want to work with those people anyway?

To do this, type the text you want in a text editor of some kind. I use Microsoft Office or LibreOffice, but you can use whatever works best for you. Type in a larger font, but try to make it look good too. Save that on your computer for the future. Then take a screenshot and paste it into an image editor, like Paint.NET. Cut out only the part around the text and try to make the dimensions as similar as possible. If you don’t like what you have, you can always take another screenshot. Save the image you just cut in the same folder where you saved the document with your information. Now go to a service like Photobucket or Imgur, create an account if you need to, and then upload the file. Copy the HTML from the image and paste it into your Craigslist ad.


Be consistent and persistent – it’s the key

If you have ever made sales, you will recognize the words “numbers game”. This is exactly how Craigslist chicago cars works. By posting or responding to an ad, you may or may not receive responses. These are the numbers that I mean. The key is to keep responding to the ads that interest you and keep running your own ads. Some personal examples of mine include freelance work announcements: computer repair, pet care, and miscellaneous jobs like lifting power supplies, moving, etc. Other ads I post are for selling things or looking for things. Once I posted an ad about the need for an iPod cable. A lady answered and said she had several and would give me one for free. When I was in the area, I stopped and saved thirty dollars instead of buying a new one.

The thing is, Craigslist can be used for anything. Anything – I found my lost dog because of it! But it’s only useful if you keep your ads up to date and at the top of the charts and continue to respond to the ads that interest you.

Respond to ads professionally

Take a look at the image above. There are two important things to keep in mind: a clear but concise subject line, showing that you really took the time to change the default Craigslist subject line, and an email that is easy to read with no grammar errors and invite a response. I would even recommend including a phone number if they want to call you instead.

This especially applies when searching for jobs on Craigslist. I recently got a good job at a veterinary clinic in town because I got in touch with them through their ad on Craigslist. Without a doubt they were the most acute and the only clinic that answered me. This applies to both employer and employee: answer their answers. Even if the car is sold, the position is busy, or the iPod cable is no longer needed, answer the answers. It’s just a common courtesy and nothing technical about it. Take the time to say “Actually, I just sold the car. Sorry about that. Thank you for your interest.” It takes two seconds and does not leave the person who really made the effort to contact you (of all the people who did not. did – remember the numbers game),

That brings me to another suggestion, remove your ads if they are no longer needed. Again, it is common courtesy. This is also reflected in you. Although you may not be as well known on Craigslist, especially in big cities. It’s possible that someone stumbles across one or more of your ads, or contacts someone you’ve worked with before – it’s a small world, these things happen. What’s my point That you have a reputation to defend. If someone had a bad experience with you before, they probably won’t do business with you again. I would consider not responding to a response in an ad or any of those things I mentioned as a “bad experience”. Also, they can probably identify you if you excel in the other ways by doing the things that I did. mentioned. Call craigslist with this website and sell your unused items https://craigslistchicagoo.com/

By responding to ads again, whether you are communicating with the ad headline via voice call, text message, or email, be sure to spell correctly, speak clearly, and be aware of what your email signature says . It is important to let them know exactly why you are contacting them. For example, in the email subject, let them know what interests you. I have found that if you edit the subject instead of leaving it in the default entry that is added by clicking Craigslist email addresses, it shows the person you are sending an email to that you are a real person and interested in what they have to offer.

Craigslist is basically a means of sale. Whether you are buying or selling, you are trying to sell. How are you trying to sell when you buy? Well, have you ever negotiated a price with a seller who already has a quote from someone else? If you have, then you are selling yourself as the right buyer. How about looking for a job … it’s obvious, do you want to sell yourself as the best candidate?

Ask for a specific subject line in email responses

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend that you leave Craigslist’s preset email and add yours in an embedded image in the Craigslist ad. However, this poses a problem: the subject line. If you don’t write in the ad that you want a specific phrase in the subject, you’re bound to get all kinds of things. This makes it difficult to classify emails. To avoid this, just say “Reply with ‘Interested in the car’ in the subject line to make sure you see and reply to your email,” or something similar.


I have found these things very useful for me and have created a very accurate and good system. In some ways, this reduces the responses because people don’t want to try it a little bit more, but then again, those people are likely to leave you hanging or don’t even show up to meet you. That is not only frustrating but a waste of time. Why not nip that in the bud from the start? These tips can help you do that.

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