Insert degrees sign in word

Insert degrees sign in word

If you write about temperatures in word, you need the degree sign. We’ll tell you two ways you can quickly insert the degree symbol. In the below section of this post, we will tell you about how to write degree symbol mac os.

Insert the degree sign using word’s keyboard

You need the degree sign in Microsoft word especially for temperature information and for mathematical formulas. Enter the symbol quickly using the appropriate key combination:

The degree symbol is located on the computer keyboard in the second row under the [esc] key. Hold down the shift key and press the first key to the left of the one.

If you have a keyboard with a separate numeric keypad , you can also use the key combination [alt] + [0176] to insert the degree sign. Enter the four digits one after the other while holding down the [alt] key.

degree Symbol Alt Code

Insert the degree sign using word’s on-board tools

  • Alternatively, you can use the “special characters” word function to add the degree symbol to your document.
  • To do this, click on “insert” in the word menu and select “symbol” and then “additional symbols”.
  • A new window is opening up. Set a suitable font there, such as calibri.
  • Then select the degree sign and click “insert”.
  • Return to your document by clicking on “close”.
  • Word: degrees sign as special characters (image: marco desert)
  • In the next post we will explain how to create check boxes in word .
  • The degree symbol appears most frequently in temperature and simple angles. The following applies:
  • Without an additional unit, the degree symbol belongs to the number and is appended without any space.
  • With an additional unit, the degree sign becomes part of it and is separated from the number with (protected) space.
  • The degrees Celsius (℃) and degrees Fahrenheit (℉) predefined in Unicode are not common and are used in very few fonts.

How to type degree symbol under zero

The minus sign always precedes the number without a space: −5 ° or −5 ° C.
The real minus sign is adjusted in position and proportion to the digits and the other mathematic characters and cannot be reached directly via the keyboard. Alternatively, the indent & # 40; half-quadrant & # 41; be used.

In geographical indications, angles are divided into arc minutes and seconds (also arc minutes and seconds) and in nautical science also into tertias. The unit is directly after the number and keeps a space between the next number and a (protected) space.

Enter the temperature / degree icon in Mac OS

Have you ever wondered how to enter the temperature / degree icon in Mac OS? Typing the degree symbol for mac or a computer may seem like a huge puzzle since it is not immediately visible on any keyboard, but it is really fairly easy if you know the right key combination. There are actually two keyboard shortcuts for entering degree symbol mac and Mac OS X. You can insert the degree temperature symbol in any Mac OS X application in which the cursor is located by pressing one of the following key commands depending on the symbol you want to show. More about degrees visit here

iPhone / iPad: Enter the degree sign using the keyboard

  1. Open the numbers and special characters using the “.? 123” button on the iPhone keyboard.
  2. Then tap and hold the zero.
  3. A small pop-up appears with the degree symbol you are looking for. Swipe up to enter the character.

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