What are the Functions Of Google stadia?

What are the Functions Of Google stadia?

The new platform that promises to revolutionize the gaming world, Stadia, announced an interesting range of features in its official announcement. Yesterday’s session will be a turning point in the history of gaming, since Google decided to launch into the world of video games with its streaming platform, Stadia , which results in simple words a sort of “Netflix gamer”. Regarding its characteristics, the first to be confirmed has been that of the cross-platform, which will allow us to play against PlayStation or Xbox users, but also export or import savegames to other consoles.

On the other hand, Erin Hoffman-Johns promised that we can use split screen regardless of the device we are on; and Phil Harrison emphasized that this service will allow cheaters to be detected more effectively and thus banned from games. Finally, it was revealed that this platform is designed in a scalable format, which will allow, for example, a Battle Royale to host hundreds of players to thousands of them. If Google can fulfill all these promises with Stadia, it is very likely that we are facing one of the greatest gamer revolution of recent times.

Google stadia

Two new games and several new features for Google Stadia

Google Stadia does not finish taking off in terms of new additions to its catalog. Nor do we know for sure if the sales that this ‘cloud’ -based system has garnered satisfy its owners, although there does appear to be a commitment to continue offering exclusive content, as confirmed by the announcement just a few days ago from the purchase of a studio to make unpublished titles for the machine . Of course, the owners of google stadia for pc will have found two new additions to the catalog today.

We are talking about two video games from the same franchise: SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt, and SteamWorld Heist . Although they are not very important launches (what’s more, they have already been reduced in a multitude of digital stores and even offered free of charge in services such as PlayStation Plus ), they do allow us to swell a growing catalog. In addition, although they are not ‘novelties’ as such if we speak of temporality, they are two outstanding projects within their genre .

Another novelty that has been announced today is the improvement in the organization of captures that the system allows: now you can access the preferred moments that we have saved, be they captures or videos, by entering directly to and facilitating your download through a web browser. Now it will be possible to save that snapshot that we have managed to capture at the exact moment and then be able to edit it in other more complete programs and make that photograph a true work of art.

Stadia will arrive without several announced functions,

It will not have an achievement system and on PC streaming will be limited to 1080p. Google has held a last AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit before the launch of google stadia download, and the conclusion has been that the service will start on Tuesday, November 19 with numerous absences. It is a good handful of features, practically all announced and shown, whose omission could indicate that the service will not start as google stadia download had initially proposed.

Stadia will arrive without the following social features: Family Sharing, Stream Connect, State Share and Crowd Play. Family SharingIt is the characteristic that allows to lend titles to the family accounts associated with the main one and the forecast is that it will be activated in early 2020; Stream Connect is the split-screen game and the first title to use it will arrive before the end of the year; State Share is a function that allows you to share or transfer the specific moment of a game; and finally Crowd Play is the feature that enables direct binding to the game of a streamer .

Play Stadia from Chrome

Users who planned to play Stadia from Chrome using a computer will not be able to do so in 4K, HDR and 5.1 surround sound until 2020. Initially, this platform will limit streaming to 1080p.. Google states that its priority is to offer 4K games to television users who use a Chromecast Ulta, as long as it is included in the Founder’s and Premiere Edition. Existing Chromecast Ulta will not be able to connect to Stadia until a firmware update is released “shortly after launch”. Visit chrome here for stadia Games https://www.goglestadiapc.com/

Also, Stadia will not have an achievement system . From the first day the system will record the player’s milestones, but no notification will appear on the screen until “shortly after launch”. For its part, the Buddy Pass , a code included in the Founder’s Edition that allows you to give three months of Stadia Pro to a friend, will not be sent until about two weeks after receiving the package.

Google states that it will treat Stadia in the same way as other services including the search engine or YouTube. This will translate into “gradual implementation [of features] and continuous improvement based on feedback .”

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