Windows features you don’t know about 2020

Windows features you don’t know about 2020

Windows features you don’t know about 2020

Not all updates to Windows add new features, and there may be changes in the visual appearance. This will be the case for Windows 10 now. Windows 10 is by no means a nasty operating system, although there are certainly users who are not satisfied with the vision. That idea also led Microsoft‘s engineers to smuggle more colourful icons into the system with an update. Not too much of a surprise, as Redmond said back in December that Windows 10 would have much nicer icons over time, but they didn’t say how long users would have to wait. In the meantime, however, things have changed because some of them have more modern icons. These are:

The work was inspired by the concept Fluent Design and the change is very spectacular: the icons that are newly added are very different from what we have seen so far, and we do not just mean that they have a different colour. According to Microsoft, system icons such as Calculator, Groove Music, Mail, Dictaphone, Movies + TV, Calendar and Clock will be redesigned first. Of course, “new” is not entirely new, as these icons are also present in Windows 10X, a folding device.

Windows 10X

Microsoft promises to make the updates better

With the introduction of every new Windows feature, Microsoft promises to make the updates better. This seems to be waiting for you. There was another issue with an update for Windows 10, as the package may remove files from your computer. The problem pack bears the KB4532693 ID, and so far, it has been reported that it renders certain files invisible. So there is no question of deletion, but the phenomenon is unpleasant anyway. There was another issue with another Windows 10 update that was released in February by Microsoft. This was the KB4532695 package, after which several users encountered a boot problem and others lost their audio because the connected speakers were not recognized.

The newly discovered issue, which is related to an unknown number of computers related to the KB4532693 update, may not be a problem with the file system. There were users who disassembled the Start menu layout and settings, but only after the system was rebooted. Microsoft is also working on windows 12 patch KB4524244 on Tuesday, and the automatic release of the latter has already been stopped as the update is not working well. Not so much that it can cause crashes on the devices it is installed on. The Redmond firm has not yet announced when to release a new (hopefully hassle-free) patch.

10X different from the usual operating systems

Not only will Windows 10X look and feel different from the usual operating systems. According to Microsoft, there will be differences in everyday use as well. Microsoft has shared new details about a version of windows 11 release date specifically designed for dual-screen devices. According to the Redmond giant, the 10X software will also try to introduce a new kind of update practice among users, which seems to be time-consuming, with the system downloading and installing released packages in just 90 seconds. According to The Verge, Microsoft started from the ground up to design a product that offers more than just paper benefits. Also part of this process is the upgrading of what users consider to be a very critical point, which often takes minutes to install on the system versions available today. In addition, this phenomenon also applies to high-end machines. However, Microsoft has now remedied the problem and, using the so-called containerization technique (known as segregation of system-relevant files), has made the process significantly faster. Specifically, they promise that charging, installation, and subsequent rebooting will not take more than one and a half minutes in the new Windows. (Assuming, of course, that the packages are properly downloaded and have no problem installing them.) check here about window 11 —

The system is already being tested by a large part of the international press after a software package capable of emulating the software was made available by the Redmond company. Installing it, The Verge reporter Tom Warren also tried out what Windows 10X knows, and had a very good opinion of it so far. The new windows 12 release date, he says, is a more streamlined and streamlined version of the 10th edition that feels right the first time you use it.

The author praised the revamped Start menu, which has not changed much in terms of its function, but its appearance is much more transparent. (Whoever is looking for tiles, don’t put them in is not in it.)

According to Warren, navigation is completely different, which is best felt when using various apps: programs can be quickly and conveniently captured on screen, and get a magazine-like look by working on some of the interfaces.visit for more information about new concepts


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